years of


Employment of 26000
People across Global Footprint.

Annual Turnover Exceeding
$300 Million.

Fashion that doesn’t come at an environmental cost

Ananta strives to achieve global standards in quality, cost, service and scale of operation. We are focused on using innovative processes, technologies & materials to manufacture the finest products at a reasonable cost, considering our corporate social and environmental responsibilities. Our apparel is specially designed and manufactured for leading retail brands across the globe. We offer everything from formal wear to casual attire which are of the finest quality.

Partnership with the leading global brands.

Diverse range of

Our state-of-the-art design studio features a brilliant team of designers who bring design, perfection and quality down to the last detail. We ensure that our apparel is always in line with the latest trends.

Expansion Plan

Ananta Economic Zone

In 2021 Ananta Group will be setting up its own textile Economic Zone in Mirsarai Chittagong on its 150 acres acquired land.


People Wellbeing

We at Ananta consider our employees to be our most significant and essential resource. We believe it is our most basic duty to treat each and every employee fairly, equally, impartially and respectfully. Using various tools, including audits and inspections, we ensure our employees’ rights are upheld without exception. In addition, we have established mechanisms to enable all employees, whoever and wherever they may be, to address our management and communicate with them about any issue. 






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