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Ananta Group’s brilliant team of designers collaborates on every piece of apparel produced. They create trendy designs, select suitable fabrics, and add embellishments while complying with our strict sustainability policies. Therefore, every style is conceived through hard work, vision, and passion.


01 Trend Research

Our designers create seasonal trend boards, where important style directions are captured 14 months in advance. The trend board is a conceptual direction where we analyze the consumer buying pattern and what is driving the market.

02 Fabric Research

Our team of designers go through the latest trend in fabrics from the various fashion weeks in London, Paris, New York, Milan, Tokyo & Amsterdam. Also we go through vintage collections and present the latest fabrics which are unique, price competitive and sustainable.

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03 Style Inspiration

This is where the stylistic elements of the project are brought to life. Our designers efforts lay the ground for the other steps.

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04 Wash Research

We live up to our promises related to water conservation. Hence, we follow the WASH policy throughout our design and manufacturing process.

05 Techpack Illustration

From concept hand drawn sketches to Adobe illustrator, Ananta design team has moved to the next level of 3D design, where we can illustrate a more photorealistic view of the virtual garment. 3D design creates the exact replica of the garment in terms of look, construction and wash detail.

06 Collection of the seasons

The team arranges products in a season-specific collection and gets it ready for the final step.

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