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Global market intelligence for denim focused on innovation & sustainable design

Our design teams collaborating using Trendit’s global marketing intelligence platform. Designs are conceived and materialized using technologies that are innovative, readily accessible, and production friendly. Plus, all designs strictly comply with our sustainability policies.


01 Trend Research

Our designers create seasonal trend boards that capture important style direction 12-15 months in advance. These trend boards provide conceptual direction based on analysis of consumer buying patterns and what is driving the market.

02 Fabric Research

Our team of designers works with the latest trend fabrics the fashion weeks in London, Paris, New York, Milan, Tokyo, and Amsterdam have to offer. They also look through the vintage collections of the past to ensure they’re presenting unique, price-competitive, and sustainable fabrics for the future.

The process involves incorporating feedback between our designers and product specialists based on the East and West Coasts (US) and in Europe, which can cover everything from trend research, and data analytics to competitive shopping.

03 Style Inspiration

Our designers use pragmatic tools – i.e., innovative sewing & finishing techniques – to bring the stylistic elements of their design projects to life. They work using collaborative tools to determine leading and current trends suitable for specific customers based on inspirational and aspirational directions. In the end, this creates the foundation necessary for them to propose tailor-made designs for our customers.

04 Wash Research

Our commitment to water conservation is one our designers know we make a promise to fulfill. The products they create adhere to strict finishing policy guidelines throughout the design and manufacturing process to ensure we do our part to maintain and improve water safety standards around the world.

05 Tech Pack Illustration

From hand-drawn sketches to digital concepting, our design team also embraces tech pack illustration – the next level of 3D design. This approach enables our team to create garments virtually in a more photorealistic view, showing an exact replica of the garment in terms of look, construction, and wash detail.

06 Seasonal Collections

Once the design team works through their creations, the focus is narrowed. Products that make the cut are featured in season-specific collections and prepared for finalization.

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